"A trip on Nancy Covey's musical excursions is to get INSIDE the culture. She knows all the local musicians,  local chefs so you get  an insider's view that can't be had if you're a tourist.  With Nancy you get extremely interesting traveling companions, a very happy stomach, and the soundtrack is unique regional songs played live! I'm a musician, and I had a blast!"
–John Densmore, percussionist.

"Nancy, the tour was beyond amazing!  Randy and I could not believe what we were hearing and who we were seeing. The whole experience was overwhelming --  we were stunned and speechless a good part of  those three days and nights! The itinerary was  great. You packed in so much, but we never felt rushed. We loved everything.  But being in musicians' homes, meeting them and hearing  music in those  settings... wow, I still don't have words for that. The day with the Savoys was particularly unforgettable. In fact, the whole thing was unforgettable! Incredible music, incredible food (did we eat enough…. you think?!), and some of the nicest folks we've ever met -  both our fellow travellers and  our hosts at every stop. Nancy, you're the kind of person who makes people feel they've known you always. What a great thing it is that you do. We could have made it to Cajun country on our own, but we would never have had the kind of experiences we had on this tour!
–Linda and Randy Green, Illinois.

“We  read the article in Rhythms Magazine about Nancy's tour and went with high expectations, but nothing could have prepared us for it. ITS AN EXPERIENCE RATHER THAN A TOUR  No amount of words can prepare you; like sex, you have to do it to truly know what it's all about. From the geniality of Geno Delafose ‘s  evening of zydeco music, barbecue and dancing in his barn, to Marc Savoy's intense commitment to Cajun Culture ... Marc was the most gracious of hosts at his beautiful home, made so welcoming by the grace of his wife Ann. I had heard stories about Nancy's crawfish boil at the Savoys' farm both in print and on air. Yet again it was so much more than one can comprehend!
–Tim Robinson, Melbourne, Australia.

"Nancy's tour is the truest experience of Cajun food and music that you can get without being a local ... and I sure didn't feel like I was on a tour!"
–Chuck Taggart, Author/webmaster of The Gumbo Pages, former music programmer and DJ on KCRW Santa Monica and KCSN Los Angeles.

"Everyone should go on Nancy's trip at least once in their lifetime!"
–Sandy Miranda, host of "Music of the World", on KPFA-FM, Berkeley, Calif.